For Millennials Botox® is the New Black

Are you too young for Botox®?  Ask a hundred people, and you’ll receive variety of different responses to this new age question.  While still holding its ground as a holy grail treatment for reversing the signs of aging that are already visible, Botox has drastically boosted in popularity as a preventative anti-aging remedy.  Aesthetic specialists are reporting heightened numbers for Botox in patients in their 20s and 30s, who are looking to preserve their youthful appearance and smooth away any traces of fine lines before they become more noticeable. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Botox treatments increased by 41% for patients between the ages of 19 to 34 between 2011 and 2015.

As we already know, fine lines, wrinkles and folds are caused by the repetitive folding of the skin from everyday facial expressions.  Originally, Botox was thought to be exclusively for those in their 40s and up seeking a solution for lines and wrinkles that had developed over the years.  Conversely, many in the aesthetics industry have since realized that by injecting patients earlier, we can stop these signs of aging from occurring in the first place.  The lines and wrinkles cannot set in when you inhibit the use of these muscles in early adulthood. Preventing the lines from forming avoids the need to correct them later, thus the term ‘pre-rejuvenation’ is used.

Furthermore, some aesthetic doctors reason that investing in pre-rejuvenation Botox yields greater rewards in future. New York City-based dermatologist, Dr. Whitney Bowe, says Botox treatments in your 20’s and 30’s ultimately saves you from requiring more invasive procedures later in life. Some women are reluctant to get treated with Botox early on and decide to get it "one day" when they are older. Dr. Bowe cautions that this decision may necessitate even more work with fillers and/or lasers to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and achieve your aesthetic goal.

However, with this in mind, there is such a thing as too young. Botox treatments are not suitable for teens, children or infants. Most aesthetic practitioners advise that Botox becomes a choice when you become concerned with the lines on your forehead or around the eyes.

It’s more effective to inhibit progression than to address the signs of aging 10 years later. What are your thoughts on ‘pre-rejuvenation’?

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