Vampire Facial


The vampire facial is a platelet rich plasma treatment that can revitalize a tired-looking face. Residents of Orlando, Lake Mary, and Kissimmee can get this treatment at Beja Aesthetics.

What Is the Vampire Facial?

The vampire facial is a skin rejuvenation system that uses PRP technology. The vampire facial uses a person's own blood to help stimulate healing, new collagen growth, and overall rejuvenation. 

The blood needed for the procedure is taken from a person's arm. Only a small amount is needed, equivalent to a couple of teaspoons. The blood will then be exposed to centrifugal force, allowing the platelets to separate from the remainder of the blood. Those isolate platelets can then be activated using growth and healing substances. Finally, the platelets will be reinjected with ultra-fine needles in a process called microneedling.How Does the Vampire Facial Work?

What Are the Results of Vampire Facials?

The results are often dramatic and immediate. Patients will typically see more volume in their face, especially in the areas such as facial folds and wrinkles. It may take several weeks to achieve the full volume gain results. Overall, skin will appear more youthful, tighter, clearer, and will have improved tone. Sagging will often be reduced or even eliminated as well. Many patients find that a vampire facial allows them to reclaim the skin that they had when they were much younger.

How Long Does a Vampire Facial Last?

A vampire facial is a long-lasting type of skin correction. Most people continue to enjoy results for at least a year, and often up to 15 months. While most people need to have just one vampire facial to enjoy a beautiful long-term result, patients should consult individually with the doctor to determine the best plan for their skin. Patients who have a new vampire facial before the effects of the former treatment have completely dissipated will be able to get an uninterrupted improvement in the youthfulness and overall appearance of their facial skin.

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