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At Beja Aesthetics in Orlando, Florida, our experienced team offers hymenoplasty. If you have questions about hymenoplasty, schedule a complimentary consultation at our beautiful downtown Orlando office. To schedule your visit to our office, dial (407) 447.2352 or send an email to info@bejabody.com.

Hymenoplasty Q & A

What is the hymen?

The hymen is a membrane that forms a border around the outside of the vagina, where it partially closes the opening to the vagina. Each hymen is unique, with its own shape, size and thickness. One woman’s hymen may be thin and elastic, while another’s is thicker and not as easy to stretch.

The opening of each woman’s hymen can also be different:

  • One opening in the center
  • Two openings separated by a thin band of tissue
  • Several small openings
  • No opening

Since the hymen stretches or tears the first time you have sexual intercourse, an intact hymen is often seen as a sign of virginity. However, that’s not always reliable, because it can stretch or tear for reasons other than a woman’s first sexual experience. Inserting a tampon, doing gymnastics, horseback riding, and other physical activities can all tear the hymen.

What is a hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty is surgery to repair or restore the hymen. There are several reasons why a woman might choose to have hymenoplasty:

Cultural or religious reasons: In some cultures, women are expected to have an intact hymen to prove their virginity before marriage, which is a problem if it’s torn due to non-sexual activity.

Psychological: Women who have suffered rape or sexual abuse may find that hymenoplasty is an important step in the healing process.

Repair torn hymen: Some women want to restore a hymen that was torn by something other than sexual intercourse.

Revirgination: For women beginning a relationship with a new partner.

What can you expect before and after a hymenoplasty?

During your first consultation, it’s important to review your medical history, discuss the details of the procedure, and make sure you have realistic goals and expectations about hymenoplasty. You’ll have plenty of time to ask questions and learn about hymenoplasty so that you’re confident about moving forward with the procedure.

Hymenoplasty is often performed under local anesthesia. During the procedure, which generally takes less than 30 minutes, any torn edges will be removed, then the hymen is restored.

Most women don’t need a long time to recover. You can expect some discomfort and spotting for the first 48-72 hours after surgery, with full healing in about 4-6 weeks. During that time, you’ll need to abstain from sexual activity, use sanitary napkins rather than tampons, and avoid tight underwear, such as a thong.

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