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At Beja Aesthetics in Orlando, Florida, our experienced team offers vaginoplasty.


Vaginoplasty tightens the vaginal canal and perineum, allowing for a stronger pelvic floor and a tighter and narrower vaginal diameter. Due to puberty, aging, multiple vaginal births, or dramatic weight loss, the muscles in the vaginal wall lose their tone, control and strength, resulting in an increase in the inner diameter of the vagina. This can cause diminished sexual pleasure during intercourse, in addition to other gynecological problems, including stress urinary incontinence.

Beja Aesthetics’s Medical Director, Christopher Walker, M.D offers the vaginoplasty procedure to resolve this issue.

Vaginoplasty can be completed in approximately 60 minutes and leads to dramatic benefits in both cosmetic and sexual terms. Dr. Walker performs Vaginoplasty on patients under local anesthesia, providing cosmetic enhancements to the vagina along with numerous benefits for sexual functioning.

This procedure is not performed unless the patient has been cleared as a good candidate. To learn if you are a candidate for vaginoplasty, please call our office to schedule a consultation.

This gynecologic surgical procedure can effectively restore the vagina back to its natural tightness. Vaginoplasty involves

  • Tightening the vaginal walls
  • Reshaping inner vagina walls and muscles
  • Reinforcing the vaginal support structure
  • Creating a more toned and tight vagina

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